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Cookie Policy
Bawtry Eye Acdemy Ltd is committed to protecting your privacy and security.
Cookies used by Bawtry Eye Acdemy Ltd are not present to gather and use personally identifiable information from its users. The cookies we use are necessary for site functionality, some of the cookies in place will improve your interactions with the site or provide us with data which will enable us to do so.
Listed in the table below are details on the cookies used on our site.

__utma This cookie is written on a user’s first visit to Google Analytics uses this cookie to record the unique visitors to the site and the frequency of views each page obtains. Retained 2 years

__utmb Google uses __utmb to establish and continue your session and interaction with our site. The cookie will expire if you spend longer than 30 minutes on a page without navigating to another.

__utmc Previously used by Google Analytics Java Script to define a session status. Not set

__utmz This cookie is used to distinguish and store information on how our visitors arrive to For example, this be can by inputting our site URL or from search / paid media. 6 months

__unam WEB ADDRESS enables social sharing of pages through social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. __unam is used to monitor and record activity generated by social referrals, for example web page views, referrals journey through and the amount of time spent on each page. 6 months

optimizelyBuckets, optimizelyEndUserId, optimizelyPendingLogEvents Optimizley is an A/B testing tool, the cookies set within this are used to gather information about your interactions with the site to help Bawtry Eye Acdemy Ltd make improvements based on the results of this testing. Up to 10 years

ASP.NET_SessionID ASP.NET_SessionID cookie holds session data temporarily, containing no personally identifiable information. Once you closes your browser the data stored in this cookie will be cleared. End of Session

4Q__utma, 4Q__utmz, 4QguidIPE, 4Qua, ASP.NET.SessionId, HeaderData, IPE_HV_ALL, OtherInvVariables, Referer, IPE104010 These cookies are used within our 4Q surveying system. 4Q sets these cookies from These cookies collect non-personally identifiable information automatically for use on the 4Q. Enabling 4Q to evaluate analytical data and to also bring forward users preferences when interacting with the surveys. Up to 2 years
It is possible for you to stop or restrict the cookies set by Bawtry Eye Acdemy Ltd by changing your browsers settings, however this might possibly affect the functionality of the site.
For more data on Cookies visit this site also provides explanations on how to disable cookies on your computer.