Contact Lenses

You will be able to choose contact lenses from a number of manufacturers including Johnson & Johnson, Alcon (Cibavision), Coopervision, Mark Ennovy and Bausch & Lomb at Bawtry Eye Academy. Once you have chosen your contact lenses we will be proud to offer you our Academy Plan which will allow you to benefit from a regular supply of contact lenses and includes all of your visits to help you maintain the health and comfort of your eyes.

For hygiene reasons it is important that soft lenses are changed regularly, as they tend to accumulate deposits. They are usually thrown away and replaced either every day, every two weeks or every month. Please read below for further information on the possible contact lens options for you.
nobody knows you're wearing contact lenses

Brands Available in Store


Soft Contact Lenses

Soft lenses are the most popular type of lenses due to their comfort and because of the range of disposable types they come in.

  • Quick and easy to adapt to – you hardly feel them in your eyes from the first time they go in.
  • Suitable for occasional wear as they don’t take any time to re-adapt to.
  • Hygienic – they’re available in single use disposable form.
  • Available in a wide range of powers including for astigmatism.
  • OK for sleeping in if you have the special oxygen permeability enhanced material

Gas Permeable Lenses

Gas Permeable lenses are smaller and harder than soft lenses. They float on the surface of the eye within the coloured part, the iris.

  • Let your eyes breathe more as they allow more oxygen through the lens.
  • Are good for very irregular shaped corneas as they provide sharper vision.
  • Are more suitable for very dry eyes.
  • Correct both low and very high astigmatism.
  • Have a lower risk of infection or allergy.
  • These type of lenses are also used to correct irregular corneal conditions such as kerataconus.


Multifocal & Monovision Contact Lenses

These can be either Soft disposable, two weekly, monthly or Gas Permeable in type.


These are required when two different prescriptions are necessary: one for distance, the other for reading. This type of contact lens is great for allowing more natural vision at all distances and great advances in the design of these lenses has been made in recent months.

Disposable Lenses

Disposable lenses are ones which are thrown away at regular intervals and replaced. They come in a wide range of powers and types including astigmatism correction, multifocals, overnight wear and coloured.

Disposable Type – Advantages

  • Daily – The most convenient and hygienic option, no cleaning.
  • Two Weekly – Lenses are discarded before stubborn deposits develop
  • Monthly – The most economical option for full time wear.

Most lenses these days come in disposable form and are the most widely prescribed option. Some people however require lenses in a non-standard power or shape. These people are usually those with very high degrees of astigmatism or those with irregular corneas and they require custom made lenses.

Non- disposable lenses can be made to virtually any power or eye shape. As a general rule however, they are only used if disposable lenses are not available in the power required.