Nothing is more important than the health and wellbeing of your child, now and in the future, and you want to see your child thrive… and the key is seeing. You may have noticed your child struggling to see clearly at a distance, making it harder to concentrate at school and have a fulfilling experience at play. Your child may have myopia, also known as, short-sightedness.

The incidence of myopia is expected to increase significantly as lifestyle changes, with children taking part in more near-work activities such as using digital devices, studying, reading and spending less time outdoors. Hereditary, behavioural and environmental factors also play a part.


Being able to have your child’s myopia diagnosed early not only corrects their vision now, but can help slow the progression of myopia and preserve their vision and eye health for the future with the new management techniques that are now available.


Why is it important to slow the progression of myopia?

  • Myopia in young children can become worse as they get older because their eyes continue to grow††
  • As their eyes grow and their myopia increases, the dependency on glasses increases
  • This can reduce the ability of children to participate actively in sports and other activities
  • Increasing myopia can lead to eye health problems in the future


Spectacle Lens Correction – MiYOSMART

We are proud to announce we are amongst the first practices in the United Kingdom to be accredited to supply MiyoSmart lenses in the treatment of myopia in children. MiyoSmart is an innovative spectacle lens developed by Hoya using an award-winning D.I.M.S (Defocus Incorporated Multiple Segments) technology to slow the progression of myopia on children.  The 2-year clinical trial results show that MiyoSmart lenses slow myopia progression by average of 59% and slows axial eye growth by an average of 60%

MiyoSmart Lenses use D.I.M.S. technology (Defocus Incorporated Multiple Segments). D.I.M.S  is comprised of a clear central zone used to correct the child’s myopia to allow clear vision for school, sport and watching TV. The clever part is the introduction of multiple defocus segments evenly surrounding the clear central zone which extend into the mid-periphery of the lens to control myopia progression. The MiyoSmart lens therefore provides clear vision and myopic defocus simultaneously as all viewing distances.

MiyoSmart lenses are perfect for active children as they are made from polycarbonate, which is not only highly impact resistant, light and thin but also offers great UV protection. Children are more likely to damage spectacles and spectacle lenses than adults so it is essential that frames and lenses selected for children are up to the tasks, fit well and are highly durable to avoid eye injury following for example a football to the face. Children are also more susceptible to the effects of UV radiation on the eye with approximately 80% of lifetimes exposure to UV in the eye occuring before the age of 18. The reason for this is a child’s cornea, crystalline lens and vitreous being incredibly clear and therefore transmits more light into the eye. This coupled with children having larger pupils, which again allow more light to enter the eye, and the fact children play outside more than adults means it is important children’s spectacles lenses offer adequate UV protection to avoid future problems such as cataracts and age-related maculopathy. MiyoSmart lenses offer both impact protection and outstanding UV protection.

MiYOSMART comes with an easy-to-wipe special anti-reflective, durable coating. With its Eye Shield, young patients get the added assurance of an impact resistant material and UV protection.


MiYOSMART’s Eye Shield

  • Impact resistant
  • Thin and light
  • Comes with UV protection


Contact Lens Correction – MISIGHT® 1 DAY

MISIGHT® 1 DAY is the first soft contact lens with a proven ability to slow the progression of myopia in children.*†

MISIGHT® is designed with two benefits for children:-

  • Corrects myopia so children enjoy clear, spectacle-free vision
  • Has a special optical design which may help to slow down the speed at which myopia progresses*

Introducing MISIGHT® 1 DAY at an early stage may help to slow down prescription changes, wearing MiSight® 1 Day contact lenses has been shown to reduce myopia progression in children by 59% on average, which results in a lower prescription*.


A three-year clinical study* in children aged 8-15 years old found:

  • 86% of children said they preferred wearing their contact lenses over wearing their spectacles
  • 90% of children could handle contact lenses on their own**
  • 100% of parents said their children were happy with the experience of wearing contact lenses, including comfort, vision, ease of use and freedom from spectacles